Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Near The Blue Wagon"
Oil on Canvas - plein air

I wanted everyone to know about a show, "Through Our Eyes" going up in April, of my work, and another talented artist, Dot Procter.  The show will highlight primarily paintings from my trip to Ireland in the summer of 2011, and a trip that Dot took to Italy.  Both our work are primarily oil paintings, many large, and many with a slightly different view point of looking at the landscape in both Ireland and Italy.  If you will be in the area for the reception, or any other time, or if you are going to catch the remains of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, come on out to Potomac, and see the show!  There will also be several "special events" going on, so check those out as well!

"Through Our Eyes"

An art show by Elaine Hurst and Dot Procter

Art Gallery of Potomac
Potomac, MD
April 4 - April 29

The Art Gallery of Potomac
10107 River Road
Potomac, MD 20854

Gallery Hours
Wed - Sun 12 - 4pm

Opening Reception
“Through Our Eyes”
Elaine Hurst – Dot Procter -
April 14 4 – 7pm
Special Events
April 14, 5-7pm Artists's Reception April 14 (rain date April 15) Paint Out 9-12, (Anglers Boat Landing – details) April 28, 1-4pm Artists' Demonstrations

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bend Like a River

"River's Bend"
Dyptych Oil on Canvases
24" x 30" each

I have been lax in posting anything for a while.  But I'm back!  Here is a painting I have been wanting to do for a long time.  Hopefully, the first of three more which will show all four seasons.  A dyptych painting (two canvases), of the bend in the Shenandoah River, looking from a New Market Battlefield overlook.  I am thinking this is my schizophrenic painting, since for a long time, one looked quite representational, and the other, more abstract.  This is not quite done, but I am liking leaving some of the "boxed" trees as boxes, and other things more representational.  I also swore while doing this one that the next painting would be smaller, and simpler...... I am now publicly eating my words!  I am working on a 4 ft x 5 ft painting of one of the Aran Islands in Ireland.  If anyone knows that area.... LOTS and LOTS of rock walls, that go on, and on, and on..... !  More on that to come