Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to Blogging!

Got To Glow
Oil, 4ft x 5ft 

Yes, been away from the blog quite a long time.  No good excuses, just doing all sorts of things.  I did want to post a photo of one of my BIG paintings.  This is not the best photo, as it was taken while the painting was hanging at The Art Center in Orange, for the "Maine Event", a three woman show I was part of last month.

Now, for some exciting news, and something to "stay tuned" for.... I am headed to Ireland on July 26th! Very exciting!  I will be participating in Art in The Open, the largest plein air art festival in Europe.  Only in its fourth year, the Irish extend their legendary hospitality out to everyone coming.  After the festivial I will be heading to the west of Ireland to soak up some "trad" music, the wonderful, wild landsape, and stay with a Parelli family in Connemara!  I am going to try taking my computer so I can both blog, and upload the zillions of photos I know I will take!  So stay tuned!  Slainte! (cheers in Irish)

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Egretta Wells blog said...

First Elaine, let me tell you how I found your blog! I am an artist, too, and had a newsletter from Grahame Booth, N. Ireland about the plein air festival and saw you were registerd! How exciting! Didn't know about it early enough to plan to go.
Love your painting and hope you will share your ones from the festival, when you return.