Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger

"Houdi's Ball"
Oil on 5 ft x 4 ft canvas

First, this is not a good photo, and I will be taking a better one.... I love painting large!  It is both challenging, physical, and intimidating, all at once.  This is a painting of our younger daughter's, boyfriend's dog, Houdini, who, true to his breed, a Border Collie, is obscessed with balls and retrieving.  Yes, a Border Collie minus the tail, don't ask.  My first intention was to paint him fairly representational, until, I saw the drips around the ball.  That was exciting!   I started letting a lot of drips go happen in the background, using extra thinner/OMS to make that happen.  I was very excited to work on Houdi's eyes, as I wanted him to be riveted on you, the viewer, potential ball-thrower, for him, Houdi, potential ball-retriever.  It is hard to see in this photo, so I will be posting a better photo soon.  Today is a great day for photographing paintings.  

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