Monday, September 17, 2012

Commissions - Something Different

Oil commission from black and white wedding photograph
Logo design

I have been working on several different commissions this summer.  Some of them have been very different from what I am normally working on.  I am posting two of them here, more to come.  The top painting is done in oils, and was done as an anniversary gift.  I painted it from a 1950's black and white wedding photograph.  Very different, in that it is more representational than much of my work, and of course centers around the figures.  Fun to do!  The second one here, is a logo design that I created for a natural horsemanship equestrian center in Sweden.  I met the wonderful owners at a Parelli course one of our daughters was taking a couple years ago, in Florida.  The bottom one is the final design they chose.   Check out the lovely Swedish scenes, and what Lina and her mother, Åsa, are up to, Dalpraktken Sweden

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Åsa Dalpraktiken said...

And we are very happy and proud that you did the special logo for us =))