Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Changes, and Entries

"The Groom" - oil on canvas, 11"x14", sold

I have been making some changes, when it comes to my website, and how I look at marketing.  I have changed my website to Fine Art Studio Online (FASO),  I changed partly, or really mostly, because of the exposure that using this site can give you.  

One perk to the FASOsite is that it makes it easy to enter several online contests, and provides various forums for getting your work out to the public.  So, I took the bull by the horns and also entered two online painting competitions, The Bold Brush Painting Competition, which I would love if you went to, and voted for my painting.  I also entered the Raymar Art 8th Annual Fine Art Contest.  I don't think you can vote for this one.  They have their own judges.  But I would be honored if you would keep up with it, to see how things go.

Through the new site they have a blog, which I will see whether I want to move this blog to it, or just link to this one.  But, I will let you know when, and if that happens.  


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