Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Painting Journey Started

"Bar Codes"  oil, 5x7", $100

I have been thinking about starting daily paintings, or "almost daily" paintings for quite a while. This painting is actually the second one I did, but the first one's photo did not come out, and I need to re-photograph it. I feel like I already am seeing, and feeling the benefits of painting something daily. I have usually been painting almost daily, but to start, and finish a small painting on a daily basis helps take my painting and how I see, to another level.

Since art is 90% about seeing, this is a wonderful exercise in using my artist eyes. I have set up a small box for the still life close to my oil easel. I have a pastel easel and an oil easel so I can keep one of each going. I have not been a fan of still lives, but this exercise feels better since the whole thing is done "alla prima", in one sitting.

I will photograph the set-up, and post the first piece I did for this exercise, even though I am not happy with it, and it is very close to being a "wipe out".

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