Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Really the First Daily Painting

"Kiwano Fruit"  oil, 5x7", $100

I know this is out of order, but I hope you can go along with my shake up of the calendar.  I decided to take the leap of daily paintings and chose this Kiwano fruit.  I had bought the Kiwano to add to a fruit salad for my daughter's birthday.  When I cut it open, we tasted it, and decided that it was a definite NO to the salad!  It tasted kind of like a jellied cucumber.  But it is a gorgeous, tropical-looking fruit, that looks a lot like a Blow fish.  It was probably not the easiest item to start with, but it was such an unusual piece, that I wanted to try.

What I aim towards with most of my paintings is to create the colors and light that represents luminosity.  I don't feel that I got it with this piece, but the idea was also to create the daily paintings "ala prima", all in one sitting.

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