Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demo Day in Potomac

Art Gallery of Potomac

Saturday, April 27 we had a demo day and talk in the Art Gallery of Potomac.  At the end, I took my paintings down so I could drive the two and a half hours home, to be ready for the Bluebird Ride the next day, April 28.  It was a really nice day to reconnect with my new Potomac artist friends, as well as selling two more paintings to a really interesting former nurse/torch-singer now living in CT.  I was told that another painting sold on Friday, which was really encouraging.

Today, Sunday, April 28, I will be setting up as many equine paintings as I have at home, which isn't many, for the Bluebird Ride.  This was organized by a neighbor.  The idea is to raise money for more bluebird houses to go up, and for James Madison University professor, Ziegenfus to bring JMU students around to see them and other birds in our area.  The ride starts out at nearby Mill Creek Farm, the 20+ riders (on horses), ride to our farm, where I will be talking and showing them some of my equine artwork.  Then the ride off to another neighbor's farm, where he will talk about local history, and then to one last farm where they will be eating.  A total of six miles for the walking tour of our "neighborhood".  I am very much hoping the rain-soaked grass drys a little, and the clouds part for a lovely day.  Photos to come!

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