Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On The Easel

Currently "on my easel", in various stages of being worked on

Three paintings that are on my easel at the moment.  Well, maybe not all at once, but they are the three I am working on currently.  All are at about the same place in their life of being worked on.  I have to put them aside for a while to let them "soak/brew/simmer/be considered".  There are things I like about each, at this stage, and there are things I don't like about each.  I am my worst critic, so generally there are more things I don't like than like, but I'm working on that!  One of the things I am working on, and it may not be apparent in these, yet, but I am working on my use of greys.  Hard to see on a computer screen, but I'm working on it.  Just to let you know, these will be part of a one woman show of my equine work at The Arts Center of Orange, September 10 - 14, 2012, to coincide with a workshop I will be teaching for the American Academy of Equine Art.  If you're interested, check out their website, I would love to see you there!   I would love your commments!

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