Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Gave Myself an Idea!

Tiny Blue
oil on panel, en plein air
5" x 5"

I have just given myself an idea!  While sitting out on our deck this morning, drinking my morning tea, I was perusing my emails, and looking at all the great posts by the artists I follow.   One of my favorite artists, Karin Jurick and painted a great little studio painting of a green house.  I commented on her painting, on her blog, and just as I hit the send button, I thought what a cool group of paintings it would be to have the subject of tiny houses!  I mentioned to her that my husband had given me a book about the tiny, crooked houses in Savannah, GA one time.  My father's family lived in Savannah, and we have been there many times, so their crooked houses really interested me.  So now I have had an "ah-ha!" momentand idea!  So, thank you Karin, for your part in spurring on my muse for the an idea, even before I was done with my tea!  The painting above was done on Topsail Island, NC, en plein air.  It is the epitome of small houses, with an even tinier house in behind it, both painted this really amazing blue.  The search is one!


Linda Popple said...

Great idea! I think you are going to have fun painting lots of little houses and we will have fun along with you. Great start with this little beach house!

Jessica Wood said...

As the proud owner of the painting you did of our own tiny house, I think this is a splendid idea!

Elaine Hurst said...

Thank you, Jessica! I really enjoyed doing the painting of your house.