Monday, June 11, 2012

Painting in Wildwood Park

 Grey Day Sicamores
8"x10" oil on canvas panel
 Wildwood Park Dam
8:x10" oil on canvas panel
 painting the dam
set up on the penisula, looking towards the dam

Back in the winter I "organized" a group of people who wanted to paint en plein air occaisionally.  Organize is used in its loosest of meanings.  We have really only met about three times since last February.  The way it works is, I send out an email to a list of interested painters, and whoever can come, shows up.  We go to a different place each time, and are hoping to do a late evening paint out in July.  Today there were two of us who showed up at Wildwood Park in Bridgewater, VA.  It was calling for rain, so the weather was a little iffy.  I got there around 9:00 and set up near the dam, then moved on over to the pennisula that sticks out into the North River, looking back towards the dam.  I found some nice trees leaning out over the river, and had a go at them.  I took the photos of the paintings right there, and the light was getting darker and darker, so I can see they don't show up very well.  I have been very intent lately at "painting light", as opposed to painting things and shapes.  It is giving me a different way of thinking about the objects I paint.  


Kevin Gough said...

Elaine, your paintings are so serene, really beautiful work indeed :)

Elaine Hurst said...

Thank you, Kevin!