Friday, April 1, 2011

Season Shifts

Purple Kale Kalidescope
Pastel, 18"x15.5"

I will be back to working on the large oil paintings as soon as I get back into the studio space where they are living at the moment.  Until then ... here is a change, some pastel veggies.  Perfect for spring and the upcoming season of growth and renewal.  This is a Purple Kale, which I think has the most gorgeous colors.  So I'm having a blast playing with these wild, wonderful and bright colors!  There are four pieces that will be in this group.

As of May, several paintings from my Artist in Residence experience last year, will be living in a wonderful gallery, Chapter One, in Corea, Maine.  Check out their website, a super place, with super owners, Rosemary and Gary Levin.

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