Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Springtime = Planting = Veggies!

Bountiful Baskets
Pastel, 16" x 18"
$400 framed/double matted

It isn't quite time to put all those veggie seeds in the ground, but almost.  While doing a pastel commission piece, I was grabbed by my creative muse and told, in no uncertain terms, that I needed to do some colorful pastels!  Ok.  I don't argue with the muse!  So, a series of fun pastel veggie paintings are coming, several are already done, so they should be appearing daily.  Enjoy!


Pam Holnback said...

Great composition!

Susan Roux said...

These colors are so rich and inviting. Great palette!

Stephanie Berry said...

Great color mix. Love the subject too!

Elaine Hurst said...

Thank you all! Oops, somehow many comments didn't get posted until now....ahh! I love bright colors! They just seem to be so happy!