Monday, May 24, 2010

Continuing the Challenge

"White on White" - oil on linen canvas 11"x14", P.O.R.

Several years ago I was given a challenge.  Actually someone said they didn't think I could paint something, and I was determined to do it, and do it well.  I was in a workshop, taught by someone who is a nationally and internationally known artist.  It was an equine painting workshop.  He didn't think that I could pull off painting a bay horse with a see-through fly sheet on him.  I worked at it, and think I did a pretty good job of it.  You can find the painting on my website, titled "The Groom", at

I had been meaning to paint more sheets and similar things on horses for sometime, and just never seemed to get to it.  Then I decided this would be a good follow-up.  I have to say that I am going to go back into it and tweak it some.  The horse looks like he has two right, hind legs, and the "stripe" on the sheet needs a tiny bit of tweaking also.  Other than that, I am pretty pleased with it.  What pleased me the most, was that I did it in two partial days.  Granted, it isn't a large painting, but I feel from painting more often, almost everyday, it is giving me much more confidence in my ability to handle the paint, the brushstrokes, the color mixing, the composition and just making my brushstrokes each mean something.  Much less "noodling around".  Yay!!

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