Monday, May 31, 2010

First of Three Challenge Paintings

"Colors - in Black & White" - 6"x8" oil on paper

This is the first little painting of a series of three paintings which are part of a challenge put out by "Plein Eire".  Plein Eire is a  site located in Ireland for plein air artists.  Interestingly I thought that the word "eire" was a play on words, which is could be, but also, it is the Irish/Gaelic word for Ireland.  Clever Irish!

The challenge is to complete three paintings.  The first in black and white.  The second in two colors, the third in three colors.  The black and white wasn't too difficult, but a good exercise in seeing values.  The other two may be a bit more challenging, but I am looking forward to the work to be done.  Keep up to see what transpires.

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