Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finished at Last!

"Riley's River"  -  oil, 40"x32", P.O.R.

I finished this painting a little while ago, but didn't get a picture of it until just now.  Not the best photograph, I have to wait for a good day to take it outside to photograph.  I usually take them outside, in a shady spot, but not too shady, to get a good picture.  I may do reproductions of this one, I haven't decided for sure or not.  I don't do as many reproductions (prints) as I used to.

This was such a fun painting.  It didn't take long, rather I was pulled away by life, so it took long just to get back to it.  I had a good photo to reference, and I loved the whole feeling of the picture.  I never copy the photos, rather I use them for reference.  More and more, I am able to take them as a jumping off spot, and then go from there, letting the painting tell me where it wants to go.  Trusting more to my intuition of how the piece will be, what colors I need, what the composition/design of the piece is saying, and how I am liking it.  

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