Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little behind on Posts!

"Blowin' in the Wind"  -  oil, 8x10" panel

I have not been very good at keeping up my posts lately!  But here is the latest painting.  An 8x10" plein air oil that I did today.  I just walked out the door and painted the clothes on the line.  Shows that you don't have to have amazing scenery to paint.  The everyday things can make for nice exercises and paintings.  

I had found a pochade  box on ebay!  I am very excited about it too.  A man makes them in his workshop, and it was a good deal, as well as being built very well.  A wonderful little box.  8x10", that fits well on my tripod, and is very easy to load up.  It even fits into my backpack!

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Laurel Daniel said...

looks like a cool box!!!