Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lanterns are Lit, and Finished!

Barn Dance  -  oil on canvas, 32x40

Yay!  My lantern painting, "Barn Dance" is finished!  I did all but a couple strokes on-site.  So although it is an unusual scene for a plein air piece, it is.  I was outside, although under and over-hang looking into an old barn.  I'm not very fond of this photograph of the painting, so I may try taking it outside to photograph.  Although it is big, so doing so gives me some problems.  Ah well, another challenge!

I was so taken by the glow of the lanterns, and the way that they danced in the wind, that I was trying to capture some of that magic.  I found I had to let the lanterns dry in-between times so as to get that glow.  It was quite a challenge, and lots of fun!  Enjoy!

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