Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#31 - "Piggin' Out"

Piggin' Out
6"x6" oil on linen panel

Keeping on with the farm theme, here is a Maine pig.  Don't suppose he is that much different that a California pig, or a Virginia pig.  He was quite the interesting guy, but more interested in eating than looking my way, other than a short glance.

I keep working on painting more, doing less, to say more.  If that makes no sense, here is a translation: I want to paint as much as possible.  By painting more, and getting better, I will be able to simplify the subject down as much as possible, to be able to show the most of the essence of the subject, rather than just a reproduction of the subject.  Now, you may think I've taken a step off the edge, or that my "little grey cells" (so says Hercule Poirot via Agatha Christie), have gone on vacation.  Could be.  I wouldn't completely rule it out.  But I know where I want to go with my painting, and what I want to say, which is a step in the right direction.  Hope you follow me on the journey. 


Pam Holnback said...

Love the pig. Great goal!

MariasWatercolor said...

You have captured the essence of this pig quite simply
and beautifully, nice work.