Friday, October 15, 2010

#35 - "The Sub" House

"The Sub" House
8x10" oil on linen panel

I have been wanting to paint this house for 5 years!  Finally I've done it.  It is a house just down the street from the house we rent on Topsail Island.  It is a wonderfully fun little house, painted yellow, aqua shutters and rose colored doors (and chair), it just exudes happiness.  It also has a wonderful plaque which names it as "The Sub".  Looks like it could be in Bermuda or Florida, but it fits in just fine here in North Carolina.  I have taken pictures from all angles, and I want to paint other sides of it.  Painting this house has started me on an idea of painting "beach places".  Mostly Americana beach homes from days gone by, but also some funky places that you seldom see anywhere except at the beach.  Can't wait to add that to my 100 in 100 challenge, and hopefully a series to-come!  Life is a beach!


Bobbi Heath said...

Elaine, this is a super painting, I want to stay in the Sub! And a great idea for a series too. I'll have to look up your Topsail Island, it sounds like a delightful place.

Elaine Hurst said...

Isn't that a fun little house?! I'd like to stay in it too! Topsail Island is a little like time forgot. I hope it stays that was as long as possible.