Monday, October 11, 2010

Palmettos Revisited - #33

Palmettos Revisited
11x14" oil on linen panel

Here we are, at the beach, on Topsail Island, NC.  We're on beach time, with family and good times.  This is the fifth year, in the same ocean front house that we all share.  Two years ago I started the painting above, but didn't finish it.  So, finally, I finished it this year.  The trees had changed a little, and the shadows needed to be changed some, but basically it was the same.  I fussed and fussed around with it, and finally let my intuition have its way.  I played with the colors, the shapes, and finally decided it was as done as I wanted it to be.  There are still things I could do to it, but then these plein air pieces are not always finished products.  Some are, but some aren't.  I'm fairly pleased with it, so let it be!

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Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Elaine I love the variety of colors here, it's very nice. I'm gonna check out Topsail Island too! We've vacationed in Pawley's Island, SC a few times, right on the beach it's soooo beautiful there!