Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bus from Doolin to Galway, Ireland

View from the bus of The Burren

More Burren

More Burren

and more.... Burren last shot of The Burren

Galway Bay

cool castle!

Sadly I picked myself up and had to leave Doolin, to head to Galway, to then meet up with the wonderful people I would then be staying with for three nights.  Catching the bus is pretty easy in Doolin.  You buy a ticket from the Doolin Hostel, and wait for the bus.  I was able to buy the ticket all the way to Headford where I would meet up with my hosts.

I did not get to step foot in The Burren, which I had hoped to do, just not quite enough time.  A really fascinating area, Boireann in Irish, meaning "great rock", it stretches for basically 250 square kilometers. I'll let you do the conversion to miles.  Made up of what is known as limestone pavement, it holds some flowers that I hear only grow there.  There are more than 90 megalithic tombs throughout The Burren.  It would have been an interesting place to paint.  Ah time.....

Past Galway Bay, and into Galway, and on to Headford.....

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