Friday, August 26, 2011

Dublin, and Headed Home

 Train ride from Galway to Dublin
 River Liffey, Dublin
 Temple Bar
View from my hotel the last evening in Ireland

I decided that I would take the train from Galway back to Dublin.  I love trains, and thought that would be a different way to end the trip.  I got back to Dublin, and had a little while to kill until I could get into my room at the hotel.  I found I had to take my luggage to a left luggage location other than the train/bus station.  I had long since decided that I would need to lighten the weight of my painting supplies for future trips.  I found wandered around Dublin, mostly the Temple Bar and Grafton Street area.  I thought how I should be going into the museums, but by this time I was getting tired, and so just wandered around.  Later in the day, I found I had to take a cab to the hotel, which was an experience in itself, since the cabbie couldn't find the hotel.  But, in typical Irish fashion, I had a great talk with the cabbie, and other than knowing my tab was heading skyward, had a nice ride.  I had booked in a hotel near the airport to make things easy in the morning.  To make it a bit more special, I found reviews that talked about the horses grazing all around the hotel.  Perfect!


Egretta Wells blog said...

Did you have tea on the train from Galway to Dublin? The scenery from the train looks so pretty.

Elaine Hurst said...

I did have some tea on the train, and ate the packed goodies that my South African friends sent along with me. It was a very pleasant trip.

Aaran said...

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