Thursday, April 15, 2010

Choices, Choices

"Choices, Choices" - oil, 6x8.5"

When we paint, there are so many choices to be made.  We have to decide are we doing the painting vertically, horizontally, what medium, what subject,  and how we want to describe our subject.  We also have to figure out how much of the subject do we want to use.  This little painting was done yesterday.  It was done from a photograph I had taken in Stockholm a few years ago.  The photo included a lot more than just these two people looking at the flower stall.  I have been working on simplifying my paintings and I wanted to work on something which gave me a real challenge, because of all the things in the photo.  I finally narrowed my subject down to a tiny piece of the photo.  It feels ok, but still just a part of my artistic journey.

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