Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Learning from The Muse

"Just Me" - oil, 8x8", $450 framed

Although this is almost two years old, I thought it appropriate to include today.  I painted it "alla prima", or "all in one sitting".  I had started taking a painting class from a local artist.  The same one who is still teaching the plein air classes.  I was so taken on that particular day of class, that I came home, sat down, and painted this little gal.  It was as if the paint rolled right off my brush, amazing!  "Be one with the Muse"!  I worked from a reference photo, although I took some liberties with the piece.  But for me it has taught me a lot to just keep looking at this little painting.  Less is more.  Simplicity carries a big message.  Lost and found edges, and don't over-think things.

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