Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miniature paintings on Miniature Easels

"By the Sea" oil, 3.5 x 4.5", $40

I had been looking for something different for some of the galleries, especially around the holidays. I came up with the idea of doing some miniature paintings. When I found some truly miniature canvases, with tiny easels, that seemed like a perfect idea. They are tiny little jewel-like paintings. I have done several tiny landscapes, a few horses, and for one gallery in particular, I am doing several tiny donkey paintings. I am also do some larger ones, although still quite small, which will be on slightly larger easels.

In these economic times, when people may still want to purchase original art, but can’t afford large pieces, some of these tiny paintings make sense. They do not take the place of large paintings, but they do offer a change for both me, the artist, and someone looking for something economical, as well as portable. I have painted small, 5×5 inch oils for some time, but these tiny paintings are interesting.

It is particularly interesting to paint them. I need to not over-state something, or become too abstract, less they become mere globs of paint. In order to keep them recognizable, while at the same time keeping the painterly quality that I hope for, I need to think minimally. Ha! I know what you’re thinking, she already thinks minimally!! Not that kind of minimal thinking though. Rather I need to keep the shapes simple, while at the same time saying more, with less. Enjoy!

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