Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Finished, but getting closer....

I worked on this piece again a couple of days ago, and am getting ready to get back into it today.  I think I will be close to finishing it by then.  I have really enjoyed painting large again.  Although the small paintings are quick, and fun, painting large has a whole different set of fun with it.  To paint large you have to think almost as if you are a part of the painting, as if you are inside all those colors, a part of them.  You also have to stand back a lot, or you are literally inside the painting too much.  I will post this when I finish it.

As for a smaller painting which I did a few days ago, this small little one of a girl driving a donkey was fun to do.  The Art Center in Orange has said that they like having donkey paintings as there are people over that way that like donkeys.  So I have several small donkey paintings for them this time.

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