Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#7 and #8, 100 in 100

Three's a Challenge
6x6" oil on linen panel
#7 of 100 in 100

River Patrol
14x22" pastel on sanded board
#8 of 100 in 100

Here are #7 and #8 of my "100 Paintings in 100 Days" challenge.  Both have to do with water, but are very different from each other.  #7 is an expansion of #6, which have one sailboat in it.  I had mentioned that the photo I have has three boats.  Liz Whiltzen suggested that I try putting all three boats on the small, 6x6" panel, using a large brush.  I love a challenge, so off I went!  Thanks, Liz!  I used a #8 flat brush for the painting, and it helped me keep things simple, although I think I still noodled around more than I wanted to!  If you see any dog hair in there, I dropped it as I was taking it off the easel, and with three big dogs who love to lay nearby while I paint, I'm sure there is some on there!

#8 is a pastel of a friend's Golden Retriever, Riley, who loves to play in the river.  He will dig for rocks, fetch sticks, whatever.  He has been in a painting before, "Riley's River".  I need to catch up and paint our dogs!  This one is a pastel, which haven't shown up in my challenge paintings yet.  But I'm sure you'll find more as the time goes on.  Painting in pastels is quite similar to painting in oils, despite the fact that one is dry and the other wet.  I think of them in very similar ways, such as both usually start out dark to light, thin to thick (oil), hard to soft (pastel).  Both mediums have their own special qualities which make them unique and fun to work with.

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