Thursday, August 5, 2010

Off to a Start

"Close as Possible"  
  oil, canvas on birch, 6x6", $100

Here I go.  I actually did two small paintings today, and finished an old painting.  The old one doesn't count towards the 100 paintings, but I was pleased to have it done.  I will post it soon.  The above little painting is #2 of the "100 Paintings in 100 Days".  I wasn't 100% pleased with it, but it was fun.  Our Golden Retriever, Tucker didn't know he was a model while he had his head on my daughter's foot.  I have painted on 5x5" panels before, but the 6x6" is taking me a little to get used to.  Especially the linen on the panel.  I am trying different panels trying to find the kind that I want to take to Maine when I have my artist residency in Acadia National Park this September.  As part of this challenge I have several subjects that I want to explore, in addition to the main subject of simplification.  One is the dogs and the horses, trying to say as much as possible without over-stating, or "noodling" around too much.  

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