Sunday, August 8, 2010

Close to home....Real Close #4/#5

Here are the two small paintings I did today, for my challenge.   #4/#5.  #4 is an 8x10" oil on linen panel.  #5 is 6x6" oil on linen panel.  Both were done really, really close to home, as in a few feet.  The Geraniums are located by our barn, and our Bernese Mt. Dog, Belle likes to stay close to me, so she became my second subject.  She has a very ski-jump type nose, although I think I got it a bit too much of a jump!  She is a great painting partner.  Our Golden Retriever, Tucker was laying somewhere else, and our older daughter's dog, Tika, had gone with her for a hike in the mountains.  A nice day of painting close by.  I still need to figure out how to transport the small, 6x6" panels, both wet and dry, and how to set them in my pochade box.  Isn't it fun to always have things to think about, figure out, and work on?  I think so!

"Barn Geraniums"   
oil on linen panel, 8x10", $150
#4 of "100 Paintings in 100 Days"

oil on linen panel, 6x6", $100
#5 of "100 Paintings in 100 Days

Quote of the Day:
"You can't depend upon your eyes, when you imagination is out of focus."
-Mark Twain

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Stephen Parker said...

I really like the thickness of the paint in Barn Geraniums. Very nice.