Thursday, September 30, 2010

#29 of 100 in 100

Time Warp
6x6" oil on linen panel

I am finding that many times painting small, on square panels is a big challenge for me.  I do it partly to do faster daily paintings, but I haven't always found it easy.  What I wanted to do, was paint the entire car, and the entire truck from yesterday's post.  I've also been making myself stick to larger brushes, usually #8 for the paintings.  I am finding that many times I lose the ability to put down in one or two strokes what I have in my mind, and then I end up with some mush going on!  Ahhh!  Keep on truckin' as they say.  Today I am headed in to work on the whole vehicle on the small panel.  Any suggestions or comments?  I fee like I need a little imput on these.  Thanks!

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