Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picking Up the 100 in 100

Ready to Rumble
6x6 inch oil on linen panel
#28 of 100 in 100

Back in the swing.  After getting back from Maine, I have been catching up on things, and let my 100 in 100 challenge slide.  I'm back to it now, which does mean I had better get going to catch up!

This little one was done from a photo of a very cool restored truck that I found in Maine.  I asked the owner if I could photograph it, and he said he would pull it into a better spot for photos. He also told me it was a 1930's truck.   I am going to work on larger pieces from this, as well as other antique cars and trucks I have found.  I'm not an old car fancier, but I have become interested in antique trucks and some really old cars, to paint.  This owner had another old car, a 1920's car that looked like it could have been a bank robber's car.  That will be coming up tomorrow.  

I don't feel like I got what I was working towards on this one, so I will be doing it again.  Maybe again, and again, and again......!

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