Thursday, September 2, 2010

Geared Up

Mark Island Light
8x10 oil sketch on linen panel
#11 of 100 in 100
#1 of Acadia Paintings

Whew!  That's a lot of numbers!  My first day of actual painting in Acadia for my Artist Residency.  A little bit of a slow start, and not stellar, but I decided not to wipe it out, just go on and push through it.  This little sketch was done across what I think, I need to find out, is part of Frenchman's Bay, towards Mark Island Light.  I know you can't even tell it's a lighthouse, but hey, it was the first one.   I fiddled around after this one, went to Winter Harbor for some groceries, and to stock up before the hurricane comes our way.  

After getting back to my Acadia home, taking a short nap, yes, nap.  I stretched canvases, got things together and went out to Schoodic Point to catch high tide.  Very cool.  I was out there a long time, did two other 8x10's, which by the time I got back it was too dark to photograph.  So I'll post them tomorrow.  Much better, and I can feel a rythmn starting, whew, that's a relief.  I painted the rocks and waves, which is something I haven't done before but am fascinated by.  Love the colors.  

Tomorrow and Saturday everyone is expecting the hurricane to come to Maine.  BIG waves are expected, and high winds.  Should be exciting!  A Hurricane Party is planned by the interns and ranger in charge of them.  So we're all headed to that tomorrow night.  Putting water in the bathtub, getting flashlights ready.  I hope to get some good wave photos that day.  Maybe even paint!  I could easily get used to life up here!

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