Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ledges Pine
10x8 oil on linen panel

Part of the same Pine tree, totally different lighting

Light is the main subject of most naturalistic painters' work.  Doesn't really matter what the "subject" is, light is still the main subject, because without it, there would be very little on our canvases, boards, papers and panels.  Consider a painting done in the early hours when the light is creeping up.  Or consider differences between the golden late evening light, a nighttime painting, a foggy, rainy day, or a bright, middle-of-the-day painting.  All very different, all very unique unto themselves.  Each moment of light gives a different feeling to a painting.  

The top painting here was done on a cool (chilly actually!), damp, grey day.  I was cold sitting on the rocks painting.  I was having a terrible time getting values right, while keeping things simple.  It gave me the feeling I wanted to keep, and will go back and work on one from this little plein air piece to create a more finished piece.  Part of plein air painting is all about the experience of being outdoors.  Here, I was cold, and finally gave in to going back to warm up, even though I didn't really "finish" the painting.  Enjoy!


Bobbi Heath said...

Elaine, I think this one is rather nice as is. A nice soft feeling. I don't need to know everything, just gives me a foggy cold feel. We'll be having a lot of that soon!

Elaine Hurst said...

Thanks, Bobbi. Looking at it at home, I am happier with it than I was while I was doing it. Funny, somehow I made a typo with the heading title! Don't know how I did that, I'll fix it.