Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping the Feeling Alive

Low Tide at Little Moose
8x10 oil on linen panel
Sign as you drive into the SERC campus, or head to the point.

Even though it was last week that I got home from Maine, from the artist residency, I am still feeling the glow.  I haven't gone through the paintings I did yet, other than to be sure I had photographed them all while up there.  That was a lesson in organization.  I will slowly be deciding which paintings I might like to enlarge in the studio.  I will probably be enlarging the one that will be donated to the Acadia National Park.  I have up to a year to get one to them.  Since the SERC campus is being totally redone, there will be new places to hang AIR paintings once it is finished.  Great PR, as well as nice knowing one of your pieces is hanging in a location you enjoyed painting in.

I am also working on some shows/galleries to take some Maine paintings.  I am working on one show of my Maine paintings, and another artist's Maine paintings for June 2011 at The Art Center in Orange.  I may be sending some paintings back up to Maine, to the Chapter II Gallery.  So the feeling stays alive, and moves into another realm and life of its own, making up shows, galleries, blogs and websites.  Like ripples on a pond, artwork moves out to, hopefully, have an effect on many more people.

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