Monday, September 13, 2010

Learning From Doing

After The Storm
16x20 oil on canvas

20x16 oil on canvas

I have found both the frustration and occasional  successes that go along with plein air painting.  Painting here in Acadia, on the Schoodic Peninsula has brought both of these.  The waves and rocks have been an ongoing frustration for myself, and the other artist in residents.   We laugh about painting "more rocks!!"  At times I find the way to simplify the shapes and feel that I am making headway.  Other times I think, "oh no, one more rock!"  The one above, titled "Below", I found that there is a cinnamon bun masquerading as a rock!  That will need to be fixed.  The painting above that, "After The Storm", isn't finished, but I know that I want a wave to be coming towards the rocks.  I haven't had an indoor location to paint in why here in the park, but I will fix that painting when I get home.  I have more paintings which I have "finished" on-site, but I am still working hard to simplify shapes!



Susan Roux said...

Love the color palette in these. Acadia? I'll be taking Stapleton Kearns' workshop in Bass Harbor next weekend. So I'll be sick of rocks... Thanks for the heads up. I already get frustrated with painting them!

I'd leave the cinnamon bun. It gives the painting a feeling of churning. Plus its delicious...

Elaine Hurst said...

Have fun at the workshop, Susan! It has been such a great experience here. Not just the location, and the scenery, but the people have really made it feel like a community. Love it!