Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting into the Rhythm

Looking towards Schoodic Point, from the Anvil Trail

Marks Island Lighthouse

As you can see, I didn't get any photographs of my paintings done today.  I painted this morning on the Schoodic Point, then took what turned into a rather long and medium intense hike.  By the time I got back, via the grocery store in Winter Harbor, the light wasn't right to photograph paintings.  I have a growing number lining the floor and leaning against things.  So I will work on getting pictures posted tomorrow.  I am intending to get up early tomorrow to go out to paint in the early light.  I am struggling with the whole idea of simplification when it comes to the waves and surf.

Met another Artist in Residence this evening, so now there are three of us.  That's fun.  We are like ships in the night though, passing here and there.  I talked to a man this morning who had taken a workshop with one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine (!  Small world.  I looked up his website again, and found that Bruce is quite the author, check it out:

I will post paintings tomorrow.... promise!

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