Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome Tropical Storm Earl!

Day's Beginning
8x10 oil on linen panel

Off Sundew
8x10 oil on linen panel

Fun times!  These paintings were done yesterday before the storm arrived.  Everyone was greatly anticipating the arrival of Earl, and wondering what it would be like.  Those NPS people in the know say that the waves can go right over the low roads, over the parking areas on Schoodic Point, and generally wash things and people away!  So, great precautions were made, with signs up, the staff out at 6:00 to keep the public wave-gaukers (is that the right spelling for that?!) safe from themselves.  

These two paintings were done off a trail known as the Sundew Trail.  I packed everything in my backpack and headed out. Not a long trail at all, but fun to get out into some spots best seen by foot.

Today, I walked out to Schoodic Point in the pouring rain, about 7:30, high tide.  The road there was closed, and our trusty NPS men and women in green were out patrolling the roads keeping people from going to close to the BIG waves.  (Fun having met most people last night at the Hurricane Party!).  When the road was opened, I drove out, and painted in the car while the waves slammed into Schoodic Point and the rain pelted down.  Now, back inside, having had tea, I'm ready for the next adventure of the day.  The sun is coming out, so maybe more painting here, or possibly over on MDI (Mt. Desert Island).  Tough life....someone's got to do it!

I never could get pictures of the REALLY big wave!
But these were much larger than they look here.

                                Where waves crashed last year                   Everyone was ready

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